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Site Objectives

Myanmar is an agricultural country, and agriculture sector is the backbone of its economy contributes 44 percent in 2002-03 of GDP; 34 percent of total export earning in the same year; and employs 61.4 percent of the labour force. The agriculture sector remains basic in the national economy of Myanmar. Seventy five percent of total population reside in rural areas and are principally engaged in agriculture, livestock and fishery sector for their livelihood. And the progressive achievements in the agriculture sector covering production, services and trade, accrue to national development.

         Thus rural people are important for Myarmar people. They are supporting people by supplying food, clothes and shelter. In turn, it is very important to generate farmers' income or rural people' income. So how can we generate their income? How can we provide them? There are many ways to solve these problems. What might be the best way?


(1) to form a network for Myanmar Agriculturists

(2) to form a forum for Same Specialization

(3) to get the resources for the Students who are doing research related to Agriculture

(4) to organize the research papers, articles, theses in a one place

(5) to contribute for the sake of our country especially for rural and urban poor people

     in a way of knowledge transferring